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Nicholas (Nick) Lottering

Photographic Enthusiast/Nerd

I have a passion for photography spanning many decades, capturing special moments of my family and friends. ​

I especially enjoy photographing people, favouring wedding photography. My style of photography is photojounalistic and in so doing I capture feelings creating memories for people to share for a lifetime. ​

I love nature and wildlife photography, because capturing the beauty of nature deepens my realtionship with our Creator. ​

I specialize in:​

         • Wedding photography

         • Individual and family portraits

        • Special events (birthday, anniversaries, children's parties)

        • Functions, private or corporate

       • Matric farewells

I aim to make all of my clients feel really comfortable, relaxed and natural in front of the camera, taking the time to get to know you - helping you and your family get the most out of any occasion. This in turn can create heart-warming and beautiful photographs that tell your story and will last you a lifetime.

primarily shoot on location using natural light making your photo shoot more authentic.


Author Unknown

A photograph is more than just

A gift to bring or send.

And more than just the likeness of

A relative or friend.

It is a kindly greeting and

A memory to hold.

Of happy times and pleasant things.

However new or old.

It is a mirror that reflects

Companionship and cheer.

And now and then the wistfulness

That turns into a tear.

A photograph is something to

Adorn a desk or wall.

Or carry in a pocket and

Display to one and all.

It is a faithful portrait

The smile that friendship shares

To add its sunshine and to show

That someone really cares.